Luther Court Celebrates Our Staff

On Saturday, January 21st, Luther Court Society staff gathered to celebrate the Service and Contributions of our remarkable team. We thank all of our staff for the exceptional job they do every day for our residents.

We honoured the following staff with milestone years of service:

5 Years

Amy G, Guilliana M., Marinel P., Marites M., Suzanne H. & Karen N.

10 Years

Danielle B., Jenine M., Jerry H., Katherine C., Laura C., Likyaris R., Nancy S., Peggy O. & Tiffany S.

15 Years

AJ K., Cathy C., Deb P., Meghan Z., Nehat A., Randip S., Ranjit S. & Shyla L.

20 Years

Nina A. & Vivienne D.

25 Years

Avril M., Kerri L. & Trish N.

30 Years

Caroline S. & Karen J.

35 Years

Elaine J. (Retired)


Thank you to our retired staff and board members:

Eleny P., Jamilia A., Laurie L. & Pat J.

Ann B., Jan B., Jeanie S., Kim M. & Skip T.


Many people/businesses gifted amazing door prizes for our staff to win during our Staff Recognition Dinner. Please take a moment to read the names of those who gave so generously and support them in return if you have the chance.