Luther Court Society is accredited and licensed to provide services to 60 complex care clients requiring professional nursing care and service 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Every effort has been made to design and furnish Luther Court for the comfort and convenience of our clients.

Our clients have single rooms with a two-piece bathroom, and rooms furnished with a bed and closet space containing drawers. We encourage clients to personalize their rooms with familiar items – photos and other memorabilia – to help them feel comfortable and secure.

Spa rooms are each equipped with large soaker tubs, showers, and warmed towels.


  • Members of the Pastoral Care Department hold regular devotional services.
  • Luther Court also offers a comprehensive recreation program which includes activities to engage the mind, body and spirit. Activities may be tailored to individual needs if necessary.
  • Personal clothing is laundered at Luther Court. All clothing must be of a wash-and-wear variety and clearly marked with the client’s name. Clothing labels may be purchased on move-in and applied by our staff.
  • The services of a hairdresser/barber are available for a small charge. Luther Court can arrange for regular visits from qualified foot care nurses and massage therapists.
  • The Gifts & Sweets cart comes around weekly, selling toiletries, crafts, snacks and greeting cards.
  • The Garden Cafe, located on the Main Floor and is open for lunch and dinner.  Everyone is welcome to partake of their daily lunch specials, soup, sandwiches, coffee, tea, pastries and other treats. Cost is kept to a minimum.




The daily rate is set by the Ministry of Health for each client based on their annual income. Fees are payable in advance the first of each month. In addition to the daily fee, there is a monthly fee for oral health and a fee for cable television if desired. In compliance with government Adult Care regulations, a trust fund must be established at the Luther Court business office. This provides ongoing funds for small purchases. Meals and refreshments, as well as special diets, are provided.