Luther Court Society provides care and service in a socially based community of care which differs from the more traditional medically based model. Although there is ready access to best practice in medical knowledge and nursing care, the first and primary focus is that Luther Court is the person’s home.



At Luther Court individuals participate in all the day-to-day activities that are essential for life and also those pursuits which impart particular meaning and purpose for the person.  To accomplish the goal of living out the Luther Court Model of Care, we are intentional about fostering a strong sense of community demonstrated in a transparent fashion by providing a physical environment and a culture that speaks and feels like “home”.

We work together as an inter-disciplinary team, each bringing their skills and gifts to the forefront in service of the whole community. We work to ensure that families feel that they are an integral part of the community, creating a place where people are encouraged to be fully themselves, where friendships and inter-personal connection can flourish in a climate of compassion, dignity and respect for all regardless of their circumstances.  We are excited about this model of care and are happy to talk with you about it.