Who can become a patient of the Luther Court Primary Health Service?


Local residency

To be eligible to be a patient, you must live within the catchment areas of Gordon Head, Shelbourne (4115), or Oak Bay (4114) (click here for B.C. Ministry of Health Geographies Portal), and be enrolled or be able to enroll in the BC Medical Service Plan. Special attention will be given to seniors (those 60 years and over), and people with mental health conditions.


Unattached to a primary care provider

To be eligible to be a patient, you must be currently unattached (have no ongoing family doctor or nurse practitioner) or have received notice of their practitioner retiring within 6 months time. Patients with a family doctor or nurse practitioner within Greater Victoria are NOT eligible.



To become a patient you must first register with the BC Health Connect Registry. This can be done on the website, or by phoning 811. The Registry waitlist will attach you to the first provider that becomes available in your region. Patients matched to Luther Court CHC will receive a notice from Luther Court and an intake appointment will be arranged with a practitioner. Unattached family members living within the same household can intake together.