This sanctuary provides a safe environment which affirms and nurtures life. This is a place where you can find meaning, purpose, acceptance and supportive relationships. Here your contributions to the life and well being of the community are welcomed.


We respectfully acknowledge that we are settlers on the traditional lands of the Lək̓ʷəŋən speaking peoples whose rich histories and deep connections to the land predate our presence. We approach these territories with respect, humility, and a commitment to learning from the indigenous communities who have stewarded these lands for generations. Recognizing this we seek to engage in meaningful dialogue and in the truth telling that leads to genuine reconciliation.



In this place you will experience compassionate care in a caring community. Whether you attend the Health Centre or make this your home, you will find skilled and caring professionals and a community committed to your well being.

Luther Court Society communities take great care to ensure that new members are properly welcomed into their midst. To be welcomed is to become known and to be accepted as a full member of the community, with a right to speak and be heard.

There are many kinds of “tables”, those at which nourishment of body and spirit is shared, those around which voices are heard and decisions are made and those at which dreams and plans for the community are created. Luther Court Society supports community members to use their voices to express their desires and opinions in internal and external community building.

As a Centre of Excellence in care, Luther Court Society takes an active place at the community planning and development tables of innovation.



A Leader in Health Care Since the Beginning

In June of 1974, members of Lutheran Church of the Cross, concerned about the needs of the aged and persons living with disabilities, incorporated into the Luther Court Society of BC. Their intent was to develop a community which would “seek to provide care beyond just the provision of food and shelter, to also provide health care as needed and above all spiritual counsel and comfort…in a setting that will enhance the older adult’s sense of being an individual with integrity and personal value.” (Official dedication brochure, 1979).

The original concept also included sufficient common space where elders from the surrounding community could be invited to participate in activities and meals on a drop-in basis. Two acres of land, acquired by Lutheran Church of the Cross and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Canada, was the location for a building designed to accommodate 58 low cost, self-contained apartments and 66 long-term care beds.

Luther Court has remained a leader in innovation through program development and service.  Extensive renovations of the original building have allowed for accommodation for independent living clients, assisted living clients, and long term care clients. The Adult Day Centre, Wellness Centre, and home support program also sustain the intention of community integration.



Luther Court’s philosophy expresses our desire, shared by our entire team, to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of our residents, tenants and clients while preserving their individuality and dignity.

Everyone is a valued individual who is unique, has particular potential, possibilities and abilities and the right to self-actualization. Meaning and purpose are critical to feeding the spirit of human beings.


Luther Court Mission Statement

Luther Court is an inclusive caring community that nurtures excellence in health care, a sense of belonging, wellness and healing while sharing life’s journey.




An individual’s needs change over their lifetime. Luther Court Society is a community of care offering a range of services to meet the changing needs of older adults. The Luther Court Society focus on supporting the individual continues throughout life and includes end-of-life.

Fostering late life development is an essential component to the human life cycle. Creativity and flexibility in programs and services are hallmarks of the Luther Court Society response to Resident/Client needs. Programs and services are available to all who reside and/or attend Luther Court.

Luther Court Vision Statement                             

Inspired by our mission and guided by our values, we plan for and respond to the future needs of our community through innovation while offering the gifts of accompaniment, empowerment and belonging.



Everyone who receives our services is valued and respected for who they are.  The care providers at Luther Court honour the rich diversity of people who come to us for support in meeting their unique physical, emotional, social, psychological and spiritual health needs.

Luther Court Core Values:

  • We advocate for our community.
  • We live our mission with integrity and respect for everyone.
  • We are committed to transparency, accountability and innovation.
  • We collaborate for quality health outcomes.
  • We affirm the worth and dignity of all.
  • Our community celebrates life’s joys, and we comfort each other in times of sorrow.
  • We are a faith-based organization, which honours and respects all people.
  • We are committed to our ongoing work of reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.
  • We embrace diversity, equity and inclusion.