Frequently Asked Questions about Luther Court

Brief answers to some of the questions we hear from friends and family considering Luther Court for their loved ones.


How much does it cost to stay at Luther Court?

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The daily rate is set by the Ministry of Health for each resident based on their annual income. Fees are payable in advance the first of each month, and you will be notified of changes as they are announced by the Ministry of Health. In addition to the daily fee, there is a monthly fee for the Oral Health Program. Fees are paid by electronic funds transfer.


Are pets allowed at Luther Court?

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Residents are not allowed to have pets in their rooms or apartments; however, PATS (Pacific Animal Therapy Society) will bring their pets into the building for group activities. Family pets are also welcome to visit.


Is smoking allowed at Luther Court?

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In compliance with CRD Bylaws, smoking is prohibited in all areas. This policy applies to residents, staff, and visitors.


What are the visiting hours at Luther Court?

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Visiting hours are not restricted. Residents are free to have visitors at any time, but please be aware that the front door is locked at 6:00pm.


Are there any additional services available to the residents of Luther Court?

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Regular visits from a foot care nurse, massage therapist, occupational therapist, music therapist, dentist and denturist, as well as special clinics and services, are provided upon request. We do have a hair salon, gift shop and cafeteria located on the main floor and open for business on a regular basis.

Further Questions?

Please contact us directly if you have additional questions or need more information about any of our policies or services.

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