Elders shape Luther Court communities

An elder is a person who is still developing, still growing, still a learner, still with potential and whose life continues to have within it promise for and connection to the future. An elder is still in pursuit of happiness, joy and pleasure and her or his birthright to these remains intact. Moreover, an elder is a person who deserves respect and honor and whose work it is to synthesize wisdom from long life experience and formulate this into a legacy for future generations. (The Live Oak definition of an Elder – Barry Barkin)

Community means: kinship, unity, acceptance, inclusivity, identity, cooperation, similarity, spirit, neighbourhood, a group of people. Community is the opportunity to be in relationship. Intentional community is a group of unrelated people who come together in order to share the deliberate pursuit of some noble aim. Community will transform with a change in membership composition. Individual rights are considered in the context of the rights of the community as a whole.

Older people want a greater health span to go along with their greater life span and communities that help them achieve that will be amply rewarded. Thomas pg 93

Everyone has a place at the table

As an organization providing elderhood/personhood sanctuary, Luther Court Society creates and maintains an environment of human warmth where everyone thrives. Adapted from Thomas pg 226 Luther Court Society communities take great care to ensure that new members are properly welcomed into their midst. To be welcomed is to become known and to be accepted as a full member of the community, with a right to speak and be heard. Adapted from Thomas pg 227

There are many kinds of “tables”, those at which nourishment of body and spirit is shared, those around which voices are heard and decisions are made and those at which dreams and plans for the community are created. Luther Court Society supports community members to use their voices to express their desires and opinions in internal and external community building.

As a Centre of Excellence in care and service for elders, Luther Court Society takes an active place at the community planning and development tables of innovation.

All are supported in embracing life

Everyone is a valued individual who is unique, has particular potential, possibilities and abilities and the right to self-actualization. Meaning and purpose are critical to feeding the spirit of human beings.

“All” means clients, families, staff, students, volunteers, clients as volunteers, learning and research partners, other organizations and community.

Elders age in place within the Luther Court Communities

An individual’s needs change over their lifetime. Luther Court Society is a community of care offering a range of services to meet the changing needs of older adults. The Luther Court Society focus on supporting the individual continues throughout life and includes end-of-life.

Fostering late life development is an essential component to the human life cycle. Creativity and flexibility in programs and services are hallmarks of the Luther Court Society response to Resident/Client needs. Programs and services are available to all who reside and/or attend Luther Court.

Luther Court is Home

Home, offers a place of belonging and freedom. Home is a feeling, an emotional attachment, a spiritual base and a physical space. Home is a safe space, a refuge, a place you want to be. All who enter a home are conscious and respectful of seeking permission to do so.

Thomas, W.H. What are Old People For? – How Elders will save the world. VanderWyk & Burnham; Massachusetts 2007